23 May 2024



The Xmaster Formula indicator MT4 is quite powerful. It stands out as an extremely valuable and flexible indicator that combines precision with reliability and accuracy. Furthermore, the Xmaster Formula Indicator MT5 provides traders with an overview of the current market condition and signals in case of a bearish or bullish trend.

Trading example on USDCAD based on Xmaster formula indicator
Trading example on EURUSD based on Xmaster formula indicator

The Xmaster Formula Indicator is an extremely flexible technical analysis indicator as it works with all currency pairs, and could also be used with other financial assets such as stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and more, ...It also works on every timeframe ranging from a one-minute interval to monthly intervals.  Furthermore, one of the key features of the indicator is that it is a combination of different indicators such as the Bollinger bands, RSI, and MACD.

Some of the other key features of the Xmaster formula indicator MT5/MT4 include:

  • The indicator’s ability to analyze the price’s volatility, momentum, and volume.
  • The Ability to detect and indicate oversold and overbought market conditions.
  • Ability to detect any potential trend reversal and breakouts in their early stage.
  • Highly customizable configuration in terms of graphs, pop-ups, and colors.


Interpreting the Xmaster Formula Indicator is quite easy. There are 2 main points to watch out for. 

  • Green line: it indicates that the current trend is bullish. Therefore, the price is expected to rise. It’s a good time to enter a long position on the asset.
  • Red Line: it indicates that the current trend is bearish. Therefore, the price is expected to fall. It’s a good time to either enter a short position on the asset or to sell it ASAP to avoid loses.

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