General questions

Finansya Lab is a Tunisia-based fintech startup dedicated to developing digital softwares for the financial markets. We’re committed to innovating at the intersection of finance and technology.

We are offering only softwares to analyze financial markets and courses.

No, we do not offer any type of trading activities. We just offer analytic tools, Software, plugins, apps, and free online courses. To clarify, Indicatorsignals.com is not a broker, nor a real trading account manager and we don’t do any financial services.

No, We do not provide these kinds of products. To clarify, our services comprise only apps, indicators, analytic tools, and trading courses.

Absolutely yes. Our tools are newcomers friendly. Moreover, our support team is always ready to assist you.

Yes. You can get a free demo version for each of our pro products before purchasing it. The demo key is afforded on the left side of our product description. First, click on it. Second, specify your name, email address, indicator to download, and the platform (mt4 or mt5). Finally, click “DOWNLOAD NOW” and you will receive a free version of the indicator to your email address as soon as possible.

STE S.S.COMPANY is the company that owns Indicatorsignals.com website. We are a company specialized in software coding and especially coding software for financials markets.

  • Corporate name: STE S.S.COMPANY
  • Business name: Finansya Lab
Indicatorsignals Academy

Indicatorsignals Academy is an Online Trading School whose purpose is to afford Free and Top Forex, Index, CFD, and Commodity Trading Education and to encourage students to strengthen their knowledge of trading strategies.

As a Trading Academy, we offer you the opportunity to study charts and promote your academic and professional skills to enhance your education and career goals for free.

Not. All courses are free.

Not yet. But we will in the near future. In fact, major fundamental concepts will be discussed and uploaded to Indicatorsignals Academy.

Definitely not.

Community and Regulation

Yes, we are available on Linkedin.

No, we have a trading community to share and discuss Trading subjects but without involving real operations/transactions.

Every opinion or information included on our website is only general in nature. To clarify, our analytics does not represent individual or investment recommendations. Similarly, Our courses are for educational purposes and do not represent individual or investment recommendations.

Yes, we have a registration number. In fact, Finansya Lab is a registered company in Tunisia, under number 1518964C. Indicatorsignals.com is owned by S.S.COMPANY.

Analytics tools

They are apps are coded mathematical solutions for analyzing financial instruments prices and/or volumes. They help traders to forecast future price changes.

Metatrader indicators are analytics tools running inside of Metatrader Platform.

Market screeners are commonly provided by traders. They offer a range of filtering options and often provide additional data, charts, and research tools to assist trading in evaluating and comparing the screened financial instruments.

Trading ideas refer to specific analyses or suggestions for potential trading opportunities in financial markets. They are typically generated by our market analysts, premium users who conduct research and analysis to identify potential trades.

Our Mission

IndicatorSignals.com is a suite of Metatrader and web indicators.

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